I write longform features, book reviews and interviews. Here is a selection of some of my recent work:


How to teach happiness

Laurie Santos’s controversial course on the science of happiness is Yale University’s most popular course ever. But can you really learn to feel better?

The alt-right Leninist

My profile of Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist who wants to destroy the state.

The Maid Slaves

Each year 17,000 domestic workers accompany wealthy families to the UK – helped by a special visa regime that campaigners call a “recipe for slavery”.  I profiled one woman who escaped her abusive employers, and the fellow domestic workers who helped her.

The Price of a Life

In 2014, Islamic State fighters murdered thousands of Yazidis and kidnapped many others, mostly women and children. Their desperate relatives are now trying to buy them back.

A Second Life

In 2015 the government’s Gateway programme offered 750 refugees the chance to resettle in the UK. I followed one family for six months as they made the journey to England.

Where are all the people going?

In a new wave of repression under the Sisi regime, Egyptians are being forcibly disappeared.




The new cult of perfectionism

The dangerous rise of perfectionism.

Happy face, sad face

The rise of emoji.

Tech addiction

How smart design keeps us hooked.

You Snooze, You Lose

Why sleep is back on the agenda.